Ice Bumper Cars

Cool fun for the entire family – ice bumper cars are completely unique! Unlike the more traditional bumper car, the ice bumper car experience is very fluid because the slippery surface allows for the cars to bump and slide. The Ice Bumper Cars are just $10 per ride.

Single riders must be at least 6 years and 44″ tall. Children between the ages of 3 and 5 can ride on the lap of an adult rider (18+) for $6 per rider. This can be booked online or on-site when you arrive. Only one lap rider per booked adult.

All riders must complete the following:

  • Attend a safety briefing.
    • Check in with an arena staff member 20 minutes before your scheduled ride for a safety briefing.
    • Riders who miss the safety briefing will not be allowed on the Ice Bumper Cars and will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Arrive on time. You must arrive and check-in with an arena staff member 20 minutes before your scheduled ride. Example: a 3:00 pm ride, requires all riders to be at the ice arena at 2:40 pm. No refunds or re-bookings for late arrivals.

Ice Bumper Cars Schedule

$10 per ride

Parent supervision recommended for all minors.

Schedule subject to change without notice.

Skip the Line

Register, sign the waiver, and pay for your public skating session directly in our App.

Extraordinary Experiences


  • Riders must be onsite at the ice arena 20 minutes prior to their ride time to check in.
  • All drivers must be a minimum of 1100mm in height; and age 6 years or older;
  • All passengers (3 years to 5 years) shall be safely seated on, or between the legs of, the driver who shall be an adult or caregiver. The lap-belt must go around both the driver and passenger;
  • No food and/or drinks allowed on ride;
  • Long hair and loose clothing need to be suitably contained;
  • Helmets are available upon request;
  • Closed-toe flat, rubber-soled shoes must worn at all times. No heels or slippery-soled dress shoes as these could puncture the car’s tube and represent a slip hazard when getting in/out of the car’;
  • Lap-belt shall be worn snugly at all times during the ride and not unbuckled until instructed to do so by a member of staff;
  • No running on the Ice Rink area at any time;
  • Remove all loose articles before entering ride;
  • Pregnant women or riders with high blood pressure, heart conditions, head injuries, epilepsy, or those with a history of neck or back injury should be aware that shunts and impacts will occur during the ride, and there is some risk of slipping/falling when entering/exiting the ice surface and car. They shall be made aware of the Medical Condition Clause and the participant and operator shall make an informed decision based on safety as to their participation. Those with mobility impairments should have a caregiver present and speak with a member of staff before engaging in the ride.
  • No person will be permitted to ride if deemed to be unruly, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or judged to be incapable of operating the vehicle safely. You will not be refunded if this is the case.
  • Do not lean out of the Ice Bumper Car;
  • Do not stand up;
  • Do not exit the Ice Bumper Car ride until all bumper cars have come to a complete stop, parked in the designated area and you have been instructed to do so. Riders must avoid any contact in the no bump zone at the entry doors and may not cross the designated coned ice bumper car area. If you find yourself crossing/near the no bump zone, ALL cars will be momentarily shut off until you are moved away from the no bump area. Failure to avoid the no bump zone will impact the ride time of yourself and other riders.
  • The maximum load does not exceed 300 lbs., which can comprise one (1) person or; one (1) adult/responsible caregiver with one (1) child under the age of six (6) seated on or between the drivers legs, the seat belt must fit around both the driver and child, the combined driver and child weight must not exceed 300 lbs.
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